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  • We, Linsey and Robin, are twin sisters. When we were growing up, we would keep track of our (often) identical items (ice cream cones, pennies, sides of the car/bed/sidewalk/bench/sofa/room, etc.) by saying "Lin's is on the Left and Robin's is on the Right." Handy, don't you think? Now, we live on opposite sides of North America - pretty much as far away as you can get and still live on the same continent. Linsey lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Robin lives in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Even on a map, Linsey is still on the Left and Robin is on the Right. We aspire to someday live next door to each other....or at least in the same town. For now, we keep up via IM, phone, photos, and, now, this blog. P.S. In the photo in this blog's banner, Robin and Linsey are parasailing over Lake Tahoe. From our perspective, Linsey is on the left, Robin is on the right :)
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